5 Key Points to Consider When Choosing a Home Inspector

Wednesday, September 12th, 2018 @ 1:58pm

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Buying a home is an exciting event, whether you are planning on selling in a few years or it is the home you dream to live in for the rest of your life. You are going to want reassurance before signing the dotted line and handing over your hard earned money. A home inspection does exactly that, it gives you peace of mind that you are purchasing a quality product, or it will reveal significant issues in the home that you have the right to be aware of before you take financial responsibility for correcting any issues.

Many people may say that a home inspection is unnecessary. The inspector will not find anything that you wouldn’t see yourself, and if you don’t catch something wrong in your potential purchase, chances are your real estate agent won’t. While it is true that you could see everything the inspector will point out, this is the best case scenario because it means that you are willing to buy exactly what is in front of you and you are aware of any and all areas of concern. However if your home inspector finds something you missed, then it could save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars because you hired an expert to double check your work.

A professional home inspector will go into areas that you may not go yourself and ensure that everything is up to par in those tight hard to reach spaces. If nothing comes up in your inspection you can buy your home with excitement and anticipation for the years ahead. However in the unfortunate event that your inspection comes back with negative results you can negotiate the price or leave the table altogether and start looking for a home that suits your needs without defect. Don’t risk an unforeseen expense on an already pricey investment when you can know all of the risk by spending a few extra dollars up front.

So you make the decision to hire a home inspector before you purchase your home, but where do you start?

Here Are 5 Key Points to Consider When Choosing a Home Inspector:

What Will Be Inspected?

At the very least, it’s important that the inspector you choose checks the roof, mechanical and  electrical systems, home foundation, and the plumbing like sinks, toilets, showers, and bathtubs. Any signs of damage, disrepair, or moisture staining should be carefully noted and examined. It’s important that you know what will be inspected and what won’t be. Before hiring an inspector, you may want to ask for a sample checklist of what will be looked at.

Will You Receive a Report?

A home inspector should provide you with an inspection report detailing all the areas he or she inspected. Ideally, that report should be made available at the home once the inspection is complete, giving you the opportunity to review the report with the inspector and discuss areas of concern while at the home.

Is the Inspector Actually Certified?

Your chosen inspector should be fully licensed and certified as a home inspector. Protect yourself from individuals who claim to be an inspector but are not qualified. There are a lot of those. Research the inspection company, read reviews, and ensure licensing requirements are up to date. A qualified inspector will have no problem sharing his or her credentials with you.

Who Will Perform the Inspection?

If hiring an inspection agency, confirm the individual who actually performs the inspection is a certified home inspector. While the owner of  an inspection company may be certified, you will want to confirm the individual coming to the home is certified as well.

Can You Attend and Participate in the Inspection?

If a potential inspector does not what you present during an inspection, keep on looking for an inspector. Being involved in the inspection of a house you hope to buy will give you a great “crash course” in learning about your future home.


Simply having your home inspected may not be enough to catch all of the issues that could be present in a home. It is important to go with a professional who has years of experience and the equipment to detect moisture issues and electrical malfunctions or any other hidden expense that could very easily be missed by the naked eye. Getting a home inspection is a worthy investment, getting a home inspected by a professional is priceless.

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