Mike’s program to give homebuyers a home that’s built right the first time – a house built with trust, integrity and a commitment to Make It Right®





The Mike Holmes Inspections team provides unbiased, third party inspections at critical stages of construction. Every home is inspected a minimum of three times through various stages of construction.





Through the Holmes Approved Homes Renovator program, homeowners have the opportunity to have a renovation completed to Mike’s standards – a house constructed with quality, integrity, trust and a commitment to Make it Right®.




Mike Holmes has partnered with top builders across the country that are building to his standards. Find a home builder in your area whose making it right.






Mike Holmes handpicked industry-leading renovators who have demonstrated quality craftsmanship, building custom homes and additions that are pre-selected to be part of the Holmes Approved Homes Renovator program.





If you are looking for a new home, you want to make sure you go with the best. That’s why Mike Holmes has partnered with top builders across North America that are building above minimum code. Watch why Mike Holmes started his Holmes Approved Homes program.


The Holmes Approved Homes Program is about integrating the right building products with the right technology, using the right building practices to build you a home that goes beyond residential standards, from construction to final inspection. The result? Simply a better built home.



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Mike Holmes
Mike Holmes14 hours ago
As many of you know, there was a recent online scam using my likeness to sell a product through Facebook.

BuzzFeed News put out an article about the company responsible for this online scam plus many others. This company has made a lot of money from this scam and taken advantage of people.

Please remember to always internet surf wisely and always use plenty of common sense – and do your own independent research before you buy any product you see online. If you think I am standing behind a product, check out my website to verify that.
Mike Holmes
Mike Holmes4 days ago
I wouldn't say it's Risky Business to declare that a Holmes #Halloween party is more fun than a Barrel of Monkeys! #TBT #ThrowbackThursday
Mike Holmes
Mike Holmes5 days ago
I’d rather not buy a house than buy the wrong one, and you should too. We all know it’s very easy to make a house look good on the surface, and you can hide a world of trouble behind the walls.
Mike Holmes
Mike Holmes6 days ago
I'm so proud of my daughter who continues to speak out and be an advocate for women in the trades. She's brought some new members to our crew - meet Trish and Bailey from Conestoga College.
Mike Holmes
Women In Trades: Conversation with Sherry Holmes & Conestoga Students
Sherry Holmes brings her apprentices Trish and Bailey (Conestoga college students) into the office to discuss the importance of Women In Trades. Asking what'...

12 hours ago
if you are considering spending thousands of dollars on new tile, carpet or hardwood, you’d be crazy not to spend some time making sure the subfloor and joists that support that floor are in good shape. If you don’t, you’re asking to be disappointed in your new floor.
13 hours ago
They finally found the scammers who were using my likeness to run a Facebook subscription scam. My lawyer sent a cease-and-desist letter to stop these ads. This is what the company said: “Mike Holmes got really crazy on the legal side with us”
2 days ago
Every homeowner should have some basic knowledge about tools—not necessarily to renovate their home themselves, but maybe for smaller projects, like hanging a picture, changing a door, building a shelf, or maybe even doing some interlocking stonework outside.
2 days ago
I still get homeowners telling me their contractor says it’ll be fine to put the old tile over new, or the old hardwood with new, and it’ll cost less. It won't be fine, and if your contractor suggests that, get rid of him—he doesn’t know what he’s doing.
3 days ago
Minimum code is in place for safety—to make sure your house will stay standing and no one will be injured by it. The fact is minimum code sometimes just isn’t good enough for quality. If it were, we wouldn’t have the problems we do now.

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