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Delonix Homes builds stunning custom homes, and home renovations in the Fraser Valley B.C. Known exceptional quality, timeless design and great customer focus, we take a forward-thinking approach while listening to your wishes. Our professional team blends expert experience with your desires, to deliver a truly award-winning home and customer experience. We build exceptional homes, for exceptional people and each Delonix home is an expression of commitment to our customers, and superior quality. Local and national award recognition is a testament to our commitment in making your dreams a reality.

Owning a Holmes Approved Delonix home means that Mike Holmes Inspectors have inspected the homes during various stages of construction to verify the quality behind the walls. Framing, structure, electrical, air sealing, foundation and HVAC was checked to ensure each Delonix home is built to Mike’s standards. At the final building inspection stage the exterior of the home is inspected, including gutters, downspouts, roof vents, soffits, doors windows and exterior lighting. This means your Delonix home is move in ready. Read more about why inspections are important to the build process here.



Delonix homes has a unique approach to every new home or build they meet — the 4D Process: “Dream – Design – Diligence – Deliver”

Dreams: Dreaming is the initial concept or idea that the clients imagine or desire and want to make it their end results. Since everyone is different and everyone has different visions and to make it to reality, it helps to have a road map.

Design: is the road map that will give life to the clients dreams. A visual representation of showing how their dream can come to life with design.

Diligence: Due diligence is the challenge and to accomplish the physical challenge of turning that design and proof of concept to actually bring it to life. Every step along the way the build is integrity.

Deliver: Delonix delivers on the promises. Turning a dream, a proof of concept into design and doing the due diligence of turning a dream into a reality with a quality build and last but not least the commitment to carry out all that was promised. At the end once the project is completed and turn over the design and commit in the post purchase process.

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Delonix Homes services the following area but is not limited to:

  • British Columbia


Phone: 604-703-3534



Delonix Homes

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  • Saskatoon Housing Excellence Awards: Winner: Best Production Home over 1900sf
  • Saskatoon Housing Excellence Awards: Winner: Customer Choice – Small volume builder
  • Saskatoon Housing Excellence Awards: Finalist: Best Production Home under 1500sf
  • CHBA National Housing Excellence: Finalist: Entry-Level Home Affordability Award


  • Top 3 Home Builders In Saskatoon
  • Renovator of the Year
  • Finalist – Customer Choice
  • Finalist – Best Production Home over 1300 sf
  • Finalist – Best Production Home up to 1300 sf
  • Finalist – Kitchen Renovation of the Year under $50,000
  • Finalist – Best Production Home with Secondary Suite
  • Finalist – Community Investment
  • Finalist – Environmental Stewardship
  • Finalist – Safety Stewardship
  • Finalist – Safety Leadership


  • Top 3 Home Builders In Saskatoon
  • Canadian National “CHBA” – Top 5 Best Home under 1700 sq. ft
  • “SRHBA” – Renovator of the Year – Winner
  •  “SRHBA” – Kitchen Renovation of the Year
  • “SRHBA” – Best Professional Service Award
  •  “SRHBA” – Environmental Stewardship Award
  • Finalist – “SRHBA” – Best Custom Home under 1500 sq. ft
  • Finalist – “SRHBA” – Community Service Award, Safety Stewardship, Best Design, Any Room Renovation of the Year


  • Top 3 Home Builders In Saskatoon
  • “SRHBA” – Best Marketing Campaign
  • Finalist – Canadian Home Builders – “SRHBA” – Kitchen Renovation of the Year


  • “SRHBA” – Best Production Home under 1500 sq. ft
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