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Thursday, November 29th, 2018 @ 9:17pm

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The wonderful thing about building a new home is that you’re able to offer a level of customization to your build that really fits into your lifestyle and design sensibilities. With a preexisting home, you look at homes and find what you can mold to your needs, whereas with a new build, you get to make design decisions that are implemented into the final build.

It’s a big reason why homeowners choose to build brand new – and it’s something that we excel at.

Here’s a 2-storey custom home designed by a homeowner and us, the Holmes Approved Homes builder in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Lexis Homes. This house has 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms.


Who Built This Home?

The family we worked with for this home were longtime residents of the neighbourhood. They actually tore down their old home to rebuild. We removed a few key items from the old home to repurpose for the new build, but their new home was on the same lot as their old house!

The Tile House

This home is full of tiling – from the entryway, to the bathroom, to the laundry room, you can see that tile was the preferred choice of these homeowners.


Here are some of the highlights:



This floor tiling was inspired by the homeowners love of Mexico. They have a second home in Mexico



The whole family loves artist, Ray Lichtenstein’s work. This shower is a pop art inspired fixture modelled after Lichtenstein’s pointillist art style.


056heatherfritz - Building your custom home - lexis homes- holmes approved homes

The mudroom is a necessity for those Saskatoon winters. This one features lots of storage and is easy to clean.



Floor to ceiling spindles and open risers keep this staircase connected with the living room.



No living room is complete without a (wood burning) fireplace and big windows to provide lots of natural light!



A big eat-in kitchen encourages lots of meals spent with even the busiest families.


Not only does this home look good, as a Holmes Approved Homes builder – the homeowners know this Saskatoon home was built right, from the ground up. As part of Mike Holmes’ program, this house went through staged inspections during various stages of construction. This means it doesn’t just look good, it was built right from the ground up.


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