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Schreyer Construction LTD. is a multiple award-winning construction company based in Whistler, B.C. Founded in 1995 by Katarina and Axel Schreyer, the company was intended as a capsule for positive change in the construction industry in the Sea to Sky Corridor (North and West Vancouver, Squamish, Whistler, Pemberton). We have over twenty-five years of experience in general contracting, custom building and project management for renovations and custom homes. Every project is executed with design, durability and efficiency in mind. We offer highly specialized (boutique) services and products. Our houses are built to serve generations.

Over the years, Schreyer Construction has grown into a renowned and respected name in the Sea to Sky construction scene. The company’s success can be attributed no only to its skilled team but also to its steadfast dedication to customer satisfaction and sustainable building practices.

One of the cornerstones of Schreyer Construction’s success lies in its dedication to fostering strong relationships with clients, architects and subcontractors alike. We prioritize open communication, collaboration, and transparency throughout from the planning phase of the project to the finish (Integrated Design Process). This allows us to deliver results that are not only aesthetically stunning but also functional and economical.

As Schreyer Construction continues to shape the skyline of Whistler with its exceptional projects, the company remains unwavering in its pursuit of excellence and a profound appreciation for the unique beauty of its natural surroundings.


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RDC Fine Homes

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  • 2021 Georgie Award Winner Best Public – Private Partnership. “Spruce Grove Passive House”.
  • 2021 Georgie Award for Best Master Suite up to $100,000. “Northern Lights”.
  • 2021 National Awards for Housing Excellence Finalist – Bathroom Renovation. “Northern Lights”.
  • 2014 Georgie Finalist – Best Renovation – Any Room. “Treetop Residence.”
  • 2014 Georgie Finalist – Best Outdoor Living Space – New or Renovation. “Treetop Residence”.
  • 2014 Georgie Finalist Best Kitchen Renovation over $100,000. “Treetop Residence”.
  • 2013 Spark Modern Fires Site Specific 5 Merit Award Winner.
  • 2013 Georgie Award Winner – Best Renovation – Any Room. “Cedar Ridge Mountain Home.”
  • 2013 Georgie Award Winner – Best Master Suite – New or Renovation. “Cedar Ridge Mountain Home.”
  • 2013 Georgie Award Winner. Best Kitchen Renovation under $100,000. “Cedar Ridge Mountain Home”.
  • 2013 BC Homes department G Awards. Best Certified Whole House Renovation. “Cedar Ridge Townhouse Renovation”.
  • 2011 Georgie Award Finalist. Recognizing Excellence for Best Kitchen $40,000 to &100,000 – New. “Khyber Home”.
  • 2012 Architectural Digest Finalist for Best Reader Kitchens.
  • 2011 Built Green. Highest Rated Built Green BC Home. “Khyber Home”.
  • 2011 CHBA National SAM Awards Finalist. New Home Award – Custom Homes, Single Detached, between 2,500 & 4,000 sq. ft., “Khyber Home”.
  • 2009 CHBA National SAM Awards Finalist. Home Renovation Award – Any Room. “Cedar Hollow Living Room”.
  • 2009 Georgie Award Winner Best Renovation $500,000 – $749,000. “Nash/Park”.
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