Quality Built (QB), established over 25 years ago, is the United States’ largest and most respected third-party quality assurance inspection and risk management solution provider for new building construction. Backed by a team of architects, engineers and inspectors averaging 20 years of experience in the industry, QB has developed a powerful software platform that addresses construction risk, encourages collaboration and delivers qualitative and quantitative data – allowing builders to effectively make informed business decisions.

From a proprietary data collection app, to automated reporting, to a comprehensive data-driven dashboard and cloud-based file storage, Quality Built has the tools and resources builders need to deliver the quality product they promised, both efficiently and on time. Builder’s in Quality Built’s program have experienced a 75% reduction of anomalies within 60-120 days of full implementation, proving the effectiveness of their system.

QB’s inspection capabilities cover all phases of construction and include but are not limited to: Technical Plan ReviewsTM, Geotechnical Consulting, Building Envelope Inspections, Quality Assurance Inspections, Property Condition Assessments, ASTM/AAMA Water Testing, Fit and Finish Inspections, and more. In 2018, Quality Built will have reached their one millionth home in their system.


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Mike and Quality Built are working with home builders to build homes that just don’t look good on the surface but look good on the inside. These homes are built above minimum code, and together with Quality Built, their mission to is help builders build a great home.

Value of Third-Party Inspections in the U.S.

  • Unbiased opinion that exceeds the expectations of municipal inspections.
  • Custom checkpoints that address historical risk, code, building best practices and product warranty specifications.
  • QB Builder Link® data collection app provides a collaborative platform with the option for builders to perform their own Internal QA Inspections for identifying and correcting anomalies.
  • Automated site observation reports notify key personnel of anomalies that need to be addressed as they are identified.
  • Integrating trades into the system allows builders to easily identify performance trends and establish targeted training/accountability.


Mike Holmes has partnered with top builders across the country that are building to his standards. Find a home builder in your area whose making it right




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