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Mike Holmes
Mike Holmes19 hours ago
There's more to you sink than you just might think. Read this, and then listen to the latest episode of my #HolmesOnHomes podcast with Kraus USA.
Mike Holmes
Mike Holmes21 hours ago
Mike Holmes
Mike Holmes22 hours ago
Check out this house built by RDC Fine Homes Inc in Whistler, BC (Canada).

👉Pizza oven in the kitchen. MY KIND OF KITCHEN.
👉Multi zoned CSA F280 2012 right sized Geothermal heating and cooling
👉Design optimized to shape of lot, Riparian setbacks, Flood control level, passive solar design to optimize winter heat gain and minimize summer overheating
👉All lower exterior and interior walls ICF for sound performance
👉Durable fire-smart siding materials – noted by insurance company as most fire safe home he had ever seen
👉Integrated to water-front for ease of access
👉 modeled as EnerGuide 87 with pre drywall blower test at .8 ACH.

Great work Bob Deeks.

Architectural design- Brigitte Loranger Architecture & Planning Ltd.
Photographer - Joern Rohde
Interior Design: Tamara Wouters Interior Design
Mike Holmes
Mike Holmes1 day ago
It was an honour to meet Prince Philip. Photo from 2013.
Judith Irving and I are the patrons to the Royal Canadian regiment.

2 hours ago
Contractors-don’t skip surface protection on your jobs 👍
7 hours ago
Water wastage from leaky faucets, running toilets or non-essential exterior use is one of the least green things you can do. It’s easy to save water—and save money—by being aware of what you are using.
14 hours ago
For those who have travelled recently, what was your experience like ?
16 hours ago
A grey water system in a house could save about 150 L of drinking water/day, per household.
You and ur builder/contractor will have to work with ur local building authority & plumbing inspector if u are going the grey water route. U’ll need a permit and plumbing inspection.
23 hours ago
Listen to the lastest episode of my #HolmesOnHomes podcast with @KrausUSA. We dive in to all things related to the kitchen sink. Give it a listen wherever you get your podcasts.

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