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Please note that our P.O. Box office accepts general mail. However, it does not allow private couriers, like Federal Express, Purolator, DHL, etc. If you must send your letter or parcel quickly to us and you live in Canada, you must use Priority Post or Express Post. If you live in the USA, you must use Priority Mail (United Postal Service) only. Please note that any mail sent not by the above-approved methods will not be accepted by us and will be returned to the sender. Thank you. P.O. Box 40581 Six Points Plaza P.O. 5230 Dundas Street W Toronto, ON M9B 6K8.

We receive hundreds of letters every week asking for Mike’s help, and we sincerely appreciate you taking the time to send a message. If you can provide us with an email address, we will certainly try to get back to you with some guidance and tip. However, due to the mass volume of letters we receive, it is not possible to respond to everyone. Thank you.

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Mike Holmes
Mike Holmes50 minutes ago
Too often when we think about renovating we focus only on the finishing.
Mike Holmes
Mike Holmes1 hour ago
In the summertime we tend to use more water to keep our gardens and yards fed. But taking water that's already been treated for human consumption shouldn't be what we use. Invest in a greywater system, or even a rainbarrel so you can water your gardens, wash your cars, and even keep your lawn green, without using water earmarked for our cooking and cleaning.
Mike Holmes
Mike Holmes3 hours ago
Mike Holmes
Mike Holmes11 hours ago
If I were to offer you a choice between minimum code and spending a few thousand more $$ so that your tiles didn't crack or the area around your windows was properly insulated or your basement was totally watertight, would you spend the extra money?

7 minutes ago
When your water is “hard” it contains a high concentration of mineral deposits, mostly calcium and magnesium. Over time these deposits can accumulate, clog, or even corrode pipes, plumbing, and cause major plumbing problems. Get your water tested.
5 hours ago
When it comes to what's in your water, not all contaminants are visible, but their effects can be seen. In my own home, I could see my shower head caking up with white so I knew I had to do something. Here's a guide to help you improve your water quality.
10 hours ago
If you don’t finish your basement with water intrusion in mind, you will likely be smelling a musty smell in a couple of years. You may even see some mushroom-like growths in the corners and on the carpet.
1 day ago
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1 day ago
Your biggest source of heat loss and air leakage are often the places you can’t see: your attic or crawlspaces.

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