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Please note that our P.O. Box office accepts general mail. However, it does not allow private couriers, like Federal Express, Purolator, DHL, etc. If you must send your letter or parcel quickly to us and you live in Canada, you must use Priority Post or Express Post. If you live in the USA, you must use Priority Mail (United Postal Service) only. Please note that any mail sent not by the above-approved methods will not be accepted by us and will be returned to the sender. Thank you. P.O. Box 40581 Six Points Plaza P.O. 5230 Dundas Street W Toronto, ON M9B 6K8.

We receive hundreds of letters every week asking for Mike’s help, and we sincerely appreciate you taking the time to send a message. If you can provide us with an email address, we will certainly try to get back to you with some guidance and tip. However, due to the mass volume of letters we receive, it is not possible to respond to everyone. Thank you.

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Mike Holmes
Mike Holmes2 hours ago
I get a lot of emails regarding windows, like how much should replacement windows cost and what type of windows to get and what should I look for in new windows?
Mike Holmes
Mike Holmes1 day ago
I get the desire to do your own work around the house. With YouTube videos and other online tutorials, DIY projects are more accessible than ever. If you want to tackle some minor work, or cosmetic projects, I think that’s manageable for anyone who’s handy – but there are home improvement projects that MUST be handled by a professional.
Mike Holmes
Mike Holmes1 day ago
I recommend cleaning your filters every 3 months, and put this on your seasonal maintenance checklist. You will find your filters are dirtier in the summer because there are more particles flying around outside.

The ERV we are showing has a few screws, but your unit may have a little clip instead to open it.
👉The best way to clean the filters is by sliding them out from their tracks in the unit and washing them in warm, soapy water in your sink.
👉Make sure the filters are clean and dry before sliding them back in. Follow the arrows when you are putting them back in. Fuzzy side faces the fans.
👉Don’t use a pressure washer to clean them, it can cause damage
👉 Always unplug the unit before your seasonal maintenance
👉The box is the actual air exchanger, and has a bit of a corrugated pattern. It takes the indoor air and allows it to pass through the other side. I recommend cleaning it at least once a year because there may be particles that managed to bypass the filters. Just very light water for washing.
Mike Holmes
Mike Holmes
Mike Holmes1 day ago
A goodbye party for the boat season last night 👍 Until next year!

4 hours ago
As a potential buyer if you see a home with a lot of flashy upgrades that give you cause for concern, do a permit search on the property. You’ll be able to see if the homeowner got the proper permits needed for these renovations.
7 hours ago
There are no detectors out there that will indicate the presence of bad smells. It’s up to your nose to tell you there’s a stinky smell in the house. It’s important to know what those odors are, and what you can do about them.
19 hours ago
You might be tempted to do your own electrical, but it's important to hire a licensed electrical contracting business to do the work. I've seen some pretty bad electrical & if done wrong your life could be put at risk @homeandsafety #ElectricalSafety
22 hours ago
When it comes to foundation cracks, you don’t want to take chances. Think about the building envelope – start by protecting your house from the outside and work your way in.

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