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Please note that our P.O. Box office accepts general mail. However, it does not allow private couriers, like Federal Express, Purolator, DHL, etc. If you must send your letter or parcel quickly to us and you live in Canada, you must use Priority Post or Express Post. If you live in the USA, you must use Priority Mail (United Postal Service) only. Please note that any mail sent not by the above-approved methods will not be accepted by us and will be returned to the sender. Thank you. P.O. Box 40581 Six Points Plaza P.O. 5230 Dundas Street W Toronto, ON M9B 6K8.

We receive hundreds of letters every week asking for Mike’s help, and we sincerely appreciate you taking the time to send a message. If you can provide us with an email address, we will certainly try to get back to you with some guidance and tip. However, due to the mass volume of letters we receive, it is not possible to respond to everyone. Thank you.

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Mike Holmes
Mike Holmes15 hours ago
This weekend, take a look around the doors and windows of your home. You're looking for instances of missing or broken caulking and weatherstripping. This can be a major source of drafts in your home - and simply replacing old, worn caulking with new, can reduce heat loss by upwards of 30%. This is something you should take a look at every autumn before winter sets in. #TipTuesday
Mike Holmes
Mike Holmes17 hours ago
They were nice enough to leave a note for guests.
Mike Holmes
Mike Holmes22 hours ago
Learn how to avoid these 3 common flooring mistakes with Mike Holmes Jr.
Mike Holmes
Mike Holmes2 days ago
Follow your nose to these potential issues with your home. My latest for the National Post.

13 hours ago
9 Signs You Have Hired A Bad Contractor (Red Flags)
14 hours ago
To me, the best style of home for aging in place is a bungalow. You can keep your main living areas (bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, living space) situated on one level. Your basement can be left as a space for your mechanical room and your laundry.

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