How We Ensure Workplace Safety

Monday, October 29th, 2018 @ 6:23pm
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Too many of us know someone who has lost a family or friend in a workplace accident. Those accidents or injuries serve as a reminder for all of us to work safely.

Did You Know?

That five workers, on average, die in Canada every workday on jobsites, and many more are injured in falls or workplace accidents.

Every worksite has potential hazards: chemicals, falls, forklifts, tools and equipment, improper use of ladders, heat stroke from working in high temperatures or frostbite from working in cold, slipping or tripping or falling from a height to name a few.

Safety Syd - 2018 Manufacturing - Holmes Approved Homes

At Horizon North, we take workplace safety very seriously. We make sure our jobsites are clean, our leadership team spends time with our workers on the manufacturing floor, and we hold regular meetings to discuss near misses. We created Safety Syd for this very reason.  

Safety Syd is an illustration of a generic worker. Red and yellow stars are placed on Syd’s body in the appropriate location whenever a first aid or recordable injury occurs. Each site has a large poster of Safety Syd and, when an injury occurs, staff are involved in placing the stars, followed by a discussion of how the injury could have been prevented. The illustration is accompanied by graphs which tally the incidents and short descriptions of the individual injuries.

Of interest, Safety Syd has far fewer stars now compared to previous years, which is a testament to the evolution of the safety culture at Horizon North, one where everyone takes personal responsibility in working and behaving safely.

Canada’s Safest Employers 2018

Horizon North has been recognized in the industry from clients and third-party organizations for our ongoing commitment to a safety culture. We believe in teamwork and career growth and we prioritize safety and seek to create a positive and encouraging work environment for all our employees. If you are interested in starting a career with us, please apply here.

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