Holmes Communities

Holmes Communities are complete, compact neighbourhoods with vibrant streetscapes, open green spaces and modern, high-performance Holmes Homes and Holmes Approved Homes. Residents live within walking distance of schools, restaurants and shopping. Solar, wind and geothermal technologies reduce the community’s demand on the power grid.

It's all about getting people out of their cars, interacting with one another, living a more responsible lifestyle and reconnecting to what a community is meant to be.

The number of lots in the Holmes Community is determined by local needs, sustainable principles and the requirement for balanced building types, rather than by the developers’ bottom line and profit margins. When possible, natural land characteristics are preserved—maintaining existing trees, promoting growth of indigenous plant systems, and utilizing existing land contours and drainage patterns to manage storm water run-off.

The first Holmes Community, Wind Walk, is expected to begin development in [early 2011] in the scenic MD Foothills region of Southern Alberta, comprising 450 dwellings and 80,000 square feet of parkland, schools, retail spaces and civic buildings.